SmartSource recommends using Firefox. Our coupon plugin is a one-time, quick installation that lets you come to the site anytime in the future and print quickly without having to worry about errors or browser updates. If you have issues getting the plugin installed for some reason, please reach out to us via our support center, live chat or our toll free support line. Troubleshooting Guides for: Coupons.

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Facts You should know: You can only print 2 coupons per computer from coupons. NET 4. NET such as 3. Printing from a mobile device smartphone, tablet is not supported. Please use a standard laptop or desktop.

You may be asked for admin access to install the coupon printing software. Corporate and public environments may not allow installing the coupon printing software. We recommend printing from a home computer. If you would like to use the coupon printing software on a work or public computer, please see a system administrator. Make sure you have a hardware printer installed and set as the default. Soft printers such as PDF writers are not supported. Mac OSX Once the list populates, click PrintatHomeProtocol and select Uninstall.

Mobile devices and tablets are not supported. First and foremost, visit the following link to verify that your browser is recognizing the applet: Java Verification Choose your operating system to continue!

Why are my coupons printing with blank spaces? The Screen Said my offers were printing but they never did. Check to verify that your printer is connected and turned on. Important information about SmartSource. Check these things first. Is your printer turned on and paper ready? The coupon printer software will send the coupon directly to your printer, so be sure it is working.

Besides, once you select the coupons and click print, it goes straight to the printer via smartsource.

Problems Printing Coupons – Troubleshooting Guide

The good news is that, today when I tried again, the coupons printed vs. I did confirm that my HP Printer is set for color and not grayscale. I even tried saving the coupon to my hard drive. When I contacted the US Corporate website representatives, they say that other customers are reporting issues since they switched to Acrobat Reader DC. There's a "middle company" involved too, a coupon printing website smartsource.

Thanks again.

Cost Effective Point of Sale Receipt Printer

It's a slow crawl! Hi Violetblu,. I checked this website smartsource.

Why won't my Red Plum coupons print?

I am using Google Chrome browser. So, this website generates the coupons you select and and when you click on Print Coupons button at the top right, it downloads FDF file on your machine and when we open these files with the help of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC it prints these coupons with Document level Javascript. Now, try opening the fdf again, and it should work. Piss poor programming on SmartSource's behalf although small kudos for using pdfs instead of a plugin like coupons. Hope this helps! Hello all, I'm still having trouble printing my coupons even after trying all the things everyone has suggested.

I've made sure Adobe, my printer software, my browser, everything is up to date. I've tried using Chrome and Firefox.

Uninstall Coupon Printer

For some reason I CAN print coupons from websaver. The only thing that prints at the bottom of each page is "Page 1", that's it. Please help. Ditto everything Smurfetta said. In addition to trying it on Chrome and Firefox, I also tried IE 11 and get the same result - a page with only "Page 1 of 1" at the bottom. I've been printing SmartSource coupons for years with no problems and now it never works.

Got this from another user here and it works! Now, try opening and printing the fdf again, and it will print.

How to Find the Best Coupons Using Grocery Coupon Network

Thank you, Sola1Dude. I can't believe this worked, but it did!

Seems like an easy issue for Adobe to fix.