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Tap to show main menu. This page contains an archive of older survey scam reports. Go here for the latest Facebook scam reports from Hoax-Slayer. For a chance to win, claims the post, all you need to do is like and share the message, like the Facebook Page, add a comment specifying what colour car you would like, and click a link to claim your prize. Supposedly, Delta is giving away the tickets as a means of celebrating its 85th anniversary. It claims that the sender just saw that an ex is still stalking his or her profile. Published: September 22, More Southwest Air Ticket Giveaway Scams Appearing on Facebook Posts being distributed on Facebook claim that you can win flight tickets to anywhere in the world courtesy of Southwest Airlines just by liking, sharing, commenting, and clicking a link.

Published: September 1, More Chevrolet Camaro Giveaway Scams On Facebook Various Facebook Pages claim that you can win a Chevrolet Camaro by sharing a promotional photo, adding a comment with your desired car colour, and clicking a link. It urges you to click to claim your lifetime pass. The post claims that the company is giving everyone a free pizza as a means of celebrating its birthday.

The fake Facebook Page is not giving away any flight tickets. The goals of the scam are to accumulate as many likes as possible for the bogus Facebook Page and trick people into submitted their personal information on dodgy third-party prize sites. The post claims that coke is offering the freebie as a means of celebrating its birthday and urges you to click to get yours now while supplies last.

The post features a clickable image of the supposed voucher and includes the Kroger logo. Supposedly, Cineworld is giving away the tickets due to its 1ooth anniversary. However, the post is not associated with Cineworld and those who click will not receive any free movie tickets. The post invites you to click to 'get yours before they run out'. This version claims that British Airways is giving you the chance to get free first class airline tickets to anywhere around the world.

The post invites you to click to claim your free tickets. Published: October 29, 'Free Cases of Smirnoff Vodka' Facebook Scam Supposedly, as a means of celebrating its th anniversary, Smirnoff is giving away free cases of vodka to Facebook users.

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A circulating post promoting the supposed giveaway urges you to click to claim your prize now and warns that the offer ends today. The post urges you to click to 'try your luck now'. You click on the image of a coupon on Facebook, and it takes you not to the retailer's website, but to a nondescript, badly designed survey - again, on a site you've never heard of. This Lowe's coupon that's been making its way around Facebook is about as fake as they come.

A scammer will start a new Facebook page and fill it with kittens and puppies, prayer requests, and, of course, fake coupons and giveaways, asking you to like or share.

Physicians Formula Coupon Giveaway on Facebook!

The idea is to rack up as many Likes as possible. For example, if you're a fan of Brad's Deals on Facebook , you probably see our posts and ads in your timeline from time to time, and we'll also post links to deals we like and articles we've published. That's a totally normal, above-board use of Facebook Pages and Facebook Ads. Consumer Affairs has a really fantastic, in-depth article about "Like" farming if you want more info about it.

9 Things to Note Before Launching a Facebook Coupon Offers Campaign

If there's just one thing that you take away from this article, it should be that you must always, always ask this one question about any coupon that sounds too good to be true:. Most often, major retailers will have verified accounts, denoted by a blue checkmark next to their name, like this:. Whatever they're linking to is official - and therefore safe. Easy access to graphics software like PhotoShop make the creation of real-looking fakes easy to do.

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  • How to Run a Giveaway on Facebook: A Step-By-Step Guide.
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  • It wasn't posted by Target. Maybe at first glance that "target. It says "target.

    9 Things to Note Before Launching a Facebook Coupon Offers Campaign – Adweek

    Well, no, it doesn't, but that URL was engineered to trick you into think that it does. That weird ". You probably didn't even know that. Now, this is some kind of techie stuff. You may have already started seeing strange URLs like. But if you're aware of them, it makes more sense that a legitimate business the size of Target isn't likely to be doing any business on anything the broader public isn't yet fully aware of.

    ICANN made. See the difference? In our example above, that entire string is the link you'll be clicking through to. Start using social media to grow your following and generate leads. We'll start with the most important piece of the Facebook giveaway puzzle — the prize. The prize is what tempts your audience to enter your giveaway.

    Share a discount on Facebook to drive customers to shop on your website or at your physical store.

    It must be worth the cost of entry, that is, their personal information. Whatever theme you choose it should be unique to your business. It will dictate the design, communication, and entry rules for your giveaway. More than anything, it tells your fans why you're putting on a giveaway. Because the last thing you want is your fans to think your giveaway is an underhanded marketing ploy.

    To celebrate Halloween, UrDogs put on a giveaway to find the cutest dog costume. Also known as a photo contest. According to the theme fans submitted photos of their dogs in cute Halloween costumes. The one with the best outfit took home the grand prize.

    Now it's time to bring your giveaway to life. It's important to note that building and publishing a Facebook giveaway is exponentially easier with a giveaway building tool like Wishpond. Plus you won't need to start from zero. There are hundreds of beautiful templates to start from. No need for a designer. All the creative work is done right inside the app. Once you're done building you have the option to publish your giveaway landing page on your website or directly on your Facebook business page. Either way it'll save you hours of work.

    Next we can talk about the design. If your giveaway is going to be a massive success it needs to be exciting and simple. It needs to get people pumped on the prize and be easy to enter into. Once you have your Facebook giveaway looking pixel perfect, it's time to market and promote.

    Just because you've built it doesn't mean your audience will find it. We need to send it traffic. For those who are just getting started with Facebook, paid promotion can deliver immediate traffic to your giveaway page. It's a viable option if you have a budget to spend.

    • Step 2: Decide on a giveaway theme.
    • 50 Facebook Giveaway Ideas for Your Small Business.
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    • Facebook ads provide vast amount of targeting options to find your demographic quickly and at a marginal cost. Again, if you're using a giveaway app it should pick a winner at random for you. It should also automatically email an alert to everyone telling them the giveaway has ended. Announce the winner on all of your communication channels.

      Share the winning entry or a photo of the winner on social media if appropriate.